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Suddenly Saved from Death - Psalm 124

April 21, 2022

 "Blessed be the Lord, who has not given us as prey to their teeth." (Ps 124)   In this case, blessing the Lord is not a dry religious ritual. It is as common sense as thanking someone who grabs your hand when you are about to fall off a cliff. We will forever have good reason to bless The Lord. He has saved us from the jaws of death. 

All the pictures in this psalm show what Israel has been saved from—sudden calamities like drowning or being devoured by an animal or trapped. The deliverance is sudden, as well. One moment you are snared; the next you are free to fly.  May you be like the bird who is free from every snare of the enemy and able to freely fly into the great plans God has for your life.  

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